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So, have you been in a car accident recently? Are you considering a divorce, but not sure where to start? If so, we can help you! At Mullaney Law Offices, we treat our clients like our family. Chris Mullaney has 50 years of experience trying cases for men, women, and families who need legal help. Chris and his law firm staff have worked with clients in many types of law practice cases and legal situations. In short, he provides them with long-term answers to their legal troubles throughout the Pottstown and Quakertown area. Above all, he has extensive experience and knowledge. Consequently, Chris can help protect you and your family in your time of greatest need.

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Estate Administration/Probate &

Estate Planning

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Long-Term Care & More

Elder Law

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Following The Law &

Criminal Defense

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Divorce, Custody, Support & Alimony

Family Law

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Contracts &

Business Law

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Commercial & Residential

Landlord & Tenant

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Accidents, Injuries & More

Personal Injury Litigation

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Sale, Purchase, Insurance & More

Real Estate

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Insurance, Reports & Review

Title Insurance

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We'll Protect You From Fraud

Consumer Law

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Charitable Work, Speaking Engagements & More

Special Services